Today the water come down in “orci” or more simple it’s a rainy day!

The jar is one of the most representative objects, we speak of a large pot in terracotta beautiful and enriched with various decorations that was used mainly to contain "oil".

It was first seen in the homes of the nobles of Florence and Siena as a decorative element of the gardens, the very round shape was enriched with festoons and plates and two handles, sometimes replaced by lions.

Even today they are completely handmade by Tuscan artisans according to the ancient tradition both for the realization and for the cooking; completely handmade with details that make it elegant and perfect to furnish our homes.

Those that were used to contain oil were glazed inside, today we find them mainly as decorative elements and if we want to keep them outside we have to make them in galestro, a particular clay that adapts to the cold.

We have internal jars that are made of terracotta then glazed and decorated , you can choose in our online shop the decorations that match your furniture, are unique pieces with beautiful details.

You can imagine them in your dining or living rooms with plants placed on your mouth, a unique piece of furniture with many solutions to furnish your home, so choose the size and decoration you prefer and see you soon!

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