Valentine’s Day: old and new traditions!

Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on 14 February worldwide, is dedicated to lovers and dates back to the Roman era when pagan rites and celebrations were done far from the love of Christians and Pope Gelasius I tried to put an end to all this.

There are also various legends that remember Valentine Saint by Terni as a messenger of love that protected and guided marriage couples of young and defender of the most complicated and unhappy love stories trying to solve them!

In the countries of Anglo-Saxon origin there is the exchange of "valentine" love cards often shaped like a heart and since the nineteenth century this tradition has developed the production of greeting cards dedicated to this anniversary.

Even in the United States several company began to produce greeting cards but soon it was replaced by the exchange of gifts such as boxes of chocolates, flowers and jewelry.So we have a great idea for your gift in our catalogue of ceramics: gift to use or for decoration!

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