Vendemmia (harvest) a word all Italian!

Grape harvesting is a very popular term and for us Italians of great importance, it seems of medieval origin from the word "grape harvest" in an ancient language.

It certainly referred to the French calendar and the period in which grapes were harvested but for us the word comes from the Latin vinum (wine) and demia (take).

The period of the harvest varies from region to region and lasts from August to November, many are the owners of small farms that accept help in their vineyards given your availability but no one can guarantee the exact period of the harvest.

The perfect moment is when the grapes are ripe and while in some countries of the world some wines have already been bottled and sold .... in others we are in the middle of the work or almost at the end!

For some wines the harvest is still done by hand, selecting the best bunches, put in boxes where they rest without overlapping, For others, the harvest takes place with the use of machines to be sure of harvesting quickly in case of uncertain weather so as not to ruin the work of a season.

The harvest has a thousand-year history and still today is a time of encounter with precise rituals : a beautiful table, baskets among the vineyards, chatter and after the effort rest , tasting the first must and eating the dishes with the fruits of the garden and the many traditional recipes!

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