Where to buy a centerpiece with fruit that looks real?

When the warm weather arrive and we can no longer have on the table our fruit basket but we do not want to give up this decorative element that always adds color and hospitality and that smells of real home, helping us to decorate our kitchen we need something new.

Here comes the help of artificial fruit very fashionable in the years 80-90 but that today is definitely not very popular, but I’m sure you will change your mind after seeing our creations.

Our three-dimensional centerpieces are made entirely by hand by master craftsmen and the compositions are unique and varied, from assorted fruit to monothema with only lemons: yellow stands out among the leaves verses on the white baskets.

If then you are incurable nostalgic then we created an alternative new baskets surrounded by a row of lemons , grapes or pomegranates that leaves in the center the space to put your fresh fruit .

As always do not hesitate to ask for the perfect basket to furnish your kitchen or your table and we will be happy to make it for you!

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