A ceramic collection to remember the European Maritime Day!

Europe is in a difficult situation and that is why research in the maritime economy can promote employment and guarantee a future not only for the seas and oceans but for all those who work in this sector.

In the Museum of Montelupo it is easy to find among the hundreds of majolica motifs with decorations that remind the close relationship with the sea.

In fact the majolica produced in Montelupo must reach the international market with the boats that navigating the Arno must reach the seaports of Pisa and Livorno, a trade supported by Florentine families like the Antinori and in a short time spread throughout the Mediterranean.

We show you today a collection that goes beyond the blue and green, the bands and ribbons that we usually find in traditional decorations but becomes a real explosion of colors orange, red, yellow with starfish, seashells suspended on a background filled with celestial dots and framed by the blue line.

Are you curious? Then go and visit our sea collection!

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