The coffee cup: is there a perfect one?

The original cups from the East are produced in Europe since 1400, the traditional china are now produced in various materials such as glass, ceramic

Around the middle of the eighteenth century in England it was Wedgwood to invent a very resistant material similar to the majolica (creamware) and the coffee cup.

The name is due to an Italian painter Tazzini who loved the Art Noveau and he was responsible for the modern design and the addition of the handle.

The cup is a circular container to which is usually added a handle and combined with a saucer of the same material and color.

The shape of the cup has been designed to highlight the taste of coffee, the best is the truncated-conical shape and must be elegant and functional.

Our ceramic espresso cups respect the tradition with the white color inside but outside can fulfill all our imagination in fact in our online shop you will find traditional coffee cups with yellow,Green and blue colours or modern with designs that represent our beloved landscape.

The perfect one? The choice is yours and don’t be afraid to ask for a customization! We are ready for every wish!

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