Once upon a time: “the albarello”

These days we are talking about vaccines that fortunately will help us to protect and defeat the coronavirus!

As we already know, mostly of the vaccine produced to combat the pandemic, must travel in thermal containers and be stored at the very low temperature of - 70 degrees in a super-freezer.

Once, however, the method of preservation of medicines was much less sophisticated, in fact ceramic vases were used. We are talking about an object of unquestionable charm: the albarello.

The albarello was a container used in ancient pharmacies to contain spices, ointments and other medachimentose substances.

This object had a double function, it was used by pharmacists to preserve their products and at the same time to decorate their shelves.

The interpretation of the meaning of the term "albarello" is not at all univocal. The most romantic associate the name of this object to a legend that tells of a passionate ceramist in love with "Albarella", the beautiful daughter of a pharmacist.

It is said that the craftsman had decided to make with his hands a vase that reproduced the sinuous shapes of his beloved. It is also said that the ceramist in question, during the turning phase, imagined caressing the hips of the girl who aroused his ardour.

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